Has anyone tried Paroxetine? In a few articles I've read, it has been mentioned as a treatment for hot flashes and also EM. If you've tried it, did you notice any side effects?

I'm sorry I haven't tried it and can't be of much help here but I will send this out to the group and see if anyone else here has tried it. If you do would you please try and share here how it went for you? Thank you.

Hi Viking and Alina.

I looked up Paxil and found an article on the US FDA's approval of Paroxetine for hot flashes. Here is the link: --- looks interesting.



I take 20mg of Paroxetine every day. My doctor prescribed it to me last year when I was really stressed out when my symptoms appeared and the doctors were still trying to diagnose me. I have been on it for 8-9 months and it definitely helps my stress level, which in turn I think helps my EM a bit. I am also on 100mg of Nortriptyline, and recently changed from Zyrtec to Claritin after reading something somewhere by someone (I obviously can't remember! haha!) that the Claritin helped their EM symptoms. Figured it was worth a shot. I haven't had any terrible flares for a while, but I still have them a few times a week at least, but they don't make me cry, which is a plus :) I have also been trying to eat a cleaner diet, and trying to stay away from refined sugars and processed food....trying....not easy! Best wishes being sent your way that you find something to ease your pain.