Phosphatidylserine changed my life (sleep)

Howdy all,

First post here – sort of a public service announcement that I wanted to throw out, in case it can help anyone else.

My health severely deteriorated due to not being able to sleep (couldn’t sleep due to being too hot, because of roasting hot hands and feet). Nearly 4 decades of poor sleep has led to chronic fatigue issues that, unfortunately, I still have a long ways to recover from – and, unfortunately, youth is no longer on my side.

But I wanted to share one thing that has helped me with sleep, significantly: A supplement called Phosphatidylserine. Just 1 pill (150mg), before bed, does the trick. I’ve taken 2 pills before bed, but don’t notice a difference. The only exception is if I wake up super hot in the middle of the night, and cannot sleep, I may pop an additional pill, but that is rare.

This supplement is supposed to block cortisol. It doesn’t cure my EM or hotness, by any means, but it seems to alleviate it to a degree and significantly improve my sleep – which I need badly. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but personally, when I’m stressed my EM is worse. Anyway, this stuff makes me tired enough that, generally, when I wake up hot, I can fall back asleep (without it taking 2 or 3 hours like it did before). I’ve tried a lot of supplements and best part is that I never feel groggy or drugged from this – I just fall asleep faster and deeper – and if I wake up hot I can usually get back to sleep (although not necessarily the deepest, best, sleep, but way better than what I use to get). I also have a crazy amount of dreams on this.

The only potential downside I’ve noticed is that when I wake up, I always feel like I could sleep for hours longer. But that could be because I actually do need more sleep or because my brain and sleep cycles are totally out of whack. So I’m not sure if this could be attributed to the supplement or not, but thought I’d mention it.

I feel this supplement will play a key role in my recovery, as sleep is absolutely crucial. I just wanted to pass along my experience in case it can help someone else – it’s a relatively cheap thing to try that might save the quality of your life and potentially your health. I wish this was around, and I had known about it, decades ago – my life and my health would probably be a lot different.



Just noticed my carefully crafted and thoughtful post was unnecessarily edited – and value-added information (like which brand I use, when I use it, and most importantly the dosage) was removed (among a couple other sentences).

This is baffling to me. We’re sharing our EXPERIENCE, and trying to learn from each other. Please use common sense: If someone took a supplement that helped them and YOU were interested, naturally you would want to know how much they took, when they took it, how often, and which brand – for super obvious reasons. Regardless, I even stated that, hypothetically, all brands should be the same, in my original post – so it was clear that I wasn’t pushing an a particular brand with “ulterior motives”.

Sorry, but the moderation and censorship here is WAY too heavy handed. I’m leaving my post up in hopes that it can help others, as my intention of posting was PURELY altruistic. But I will NOT be returning – forget it – editing my post and removing the effort and thoughtfulness I put into it, to clearly communicate to others and add value to the lives of those suffering with EM, is ridiculous and insulting. The idea that people with nefarious intentions are going to seek out an obscure community of people suffering from a rare disorder like EM boarders on paranoia. The moderators here have control issues and need to do deep diving and inner engineering.

As censored as this community is, I’m sure this very post will be deleted. Which proves my point even further.

Welcome, @natesi!

Yes, I made a minor edit to your post last night. I meant to message and advise you to why. However, it was late, I wasn’t at home, and by the time I did get home I was wiped out and went straight to bed. Life intervened today, so I’m just getting around to this.

I do enforce a policy here against promotion of specific branded supplements and where to buy them. As paranoid as it may seem, it wouldn’t be policy if there hadn’t been issues with it in the past. As you’re a new user here, I couldn’t make an exception.

I’m sorry it felt insulting and hope you will think about returning to the community. Not explaining earlier why I made the edit is entirely on me. This post will remain up and open to commenting for anyone who might be helped by @natesi’s experience and insights.