Pins and needles

Does anyone else get strange pins and needles in your feet legs and hands ?

I do, I call them shocks and I get them quite frequently

My son has complained of that before. He has called it pins and needles, referred to it “like when your hands or feet fall asleep”, and he has also had the shocking or tazing pain. It’s all nerve pain experienced in different forms.

hi I have tingling in all limbs all day everyday. I get pins & needles only in my feet. Plus on some occasions I get electric shocks in some of my toes. Oh my goodness the shocks make me scream for 3 seconds. I noticed that coming off pregablin caused lots of shooting pains pins & needles and shocks a lot more frequent. I only take pregablin everyother day just to keep the symptoms and pain at bay.

yes! walking or standing too long, even setting too long

Hi Jilly,

I am a newbie here..but YES! I have sharp pains and pins and needles in both feet and hands. I am being titrated up on Lyrica...don't know if it is helping yet. The diagnosis the neurologist gave me was Peripheral Neuropathy, TOS, and "possible" Erythromelalgia. pfft!!! Duh...YES...I have EM. Very very apparent. I have all the symptoms of EM and I don't think they are treating it. Just the Neuropathy. I don't know if I have primary or secondary EM. So I am not sure if the pins and needles are from the EM or the other. But you are not alone :-) I think it has gotten better (pins/needles) with the meds.

Would love to have you as a friend...not sure how to do that?

Thanks to you all for coming back to me. I also get the shooting pain like electric shocks. Wasn’t sure wether it was MS causing the symptoms or the EM. Been told the EM is secondary to the MS. Lilbit iv added you as a friend