PIP/mobility UK

Hi all, My partner has finally been diagnosed with Primary EM. He suffers daily with flare ups and usually, without fail, has one every time he walks for more than a few minutes. I suggested he should apply For PIP in hopes that he may be able to claim mobility he is a young actor and sometimes has to travel far for auditions and his EM can really cause him issues as he does not have a stable income to afford a car he ends up having to sit down every 5 mins during his journeys. I’m just wondering if anyone has had any luck applying for PIP/mobility or is it just a waste of time.
? Thank you xx

I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t get PIP. Even though it’s not in my nature if he applies tell him to make more of it than it is. I learnt from experience that if you are honest they allow for you to exaggerate things.

I was 59 when I applied for it. I was under investigation for rheumatoid arthritis. I hadn’t got the full results but it was obvious from my symptoms that I had got it even the rheumatologist was pretty sure.

I was honest what I could do, but when the report came through the assessor had put completely different to what I said. They turned me down. Loads of people told me to appeal but pride wouldn’t let me.

It was only a month after my 60th birthday the results came through positive. By then I was too old to claim. I have now had a leg amputated due to ulcers, but because I am not on PIP I can’t have a Motabiliy car and have had to have equity release so I can buy an adapted car.