Please Help! Is it possible I have erythromelalgia?

Recently diagnosed with several things; RA, OA, polyarthritis, systemic Inflammatory disease, Sjogren’s syndrome, Vitamin D defiency, osteoporosis. Also have history of low back injury and mild carpal tunnel.

Last week a new symptom started. Burning pain bilateral thighs, I mean excruciating burning pain! I take 10mg oxycodone for my other problems and it didn’t touch this pain!!

Then a few days later it was my toes and feet, see pic. Then yesterday it was my lower legs/ankles.

I don’t know if this is related to the diagnoses I already had but someone mentioned this to me, I googled it and thought,“oh no”. These new symptoms seem to fit. What do y’all think? (I’m from Oklahoma so y’all is a word lol)

Hello hope,

Your symptoms look like when I have my flares. That said, you seem to have several diagnoses that cause similar symptoms; Polyarthritis, systemic inflammatory disease and Sjorgren’s Syndrome; Vit D deficiency might not help you very much. Treating your diagnoses might improve your EM symptoms. Also, you can check if it is not one of the drugs that you take that causes your flares (it happened to my mother).

Thank you. Yes I’m wondering if it’s just symptoms of one of the diagnoses
I already have. I’m in a Facebook RA support group and someone in it has
EM, after seeing the pics of my toes and reading my description of the
intense burning pain I just started getting she questioned if I had been
diagnosed with EM also.

I had never heard of EM. And I’m only recently diagnosed with all the
other auto-immune stuff but from what I’ve read so far the burning pain on
my skin doesn’t fit with any of my current diagnoses. I am not an expert
on any of these though by any means!!

From what I understand it’s difficult to get a diagnosis even if you truly
have it so I’m wanting to learn as much as possible before my next
rheumatologist appointment so I can discuss it intelligently with him.
That is if I even need to.

I certainly hope this is not something I have. I feel like I’m already
dealing with too many things now! I think I only listed the auto-immune
diseases and related ones here but I also have a mass on my right kidney
and just found out that I have a benign neoplasm meninges on my spine.

I have much respect for all of you having to live with this, no disrespect
but I’m praying I do not have it also.

Anyways just looking for advice and information so I’m prepared to talk to
the doctor about the possibility. Mostly I guess I’m hoping to learn
enough to be able to rule it out as a possibility before my appointment
which is in October.

Thank you,