Please help - primary or secondary

When i first started fainting and getting chilblains at roughly age 9, i had a series of tests including a blood test. In the end it was dismissed and i was diagnosed with raynuards.
When i started secondary school, i started getting more and more Erythromelalgia symptoms so we went back to the doctors. I was diagnosed with Erythromelalgia. However, they said they wanted to do an additional blood test as there was apparently an abnormality in my connective tissues in the blood test i had 2 years before then. The blood test results came back with no problems. My mum asked what they were testing me for and they tested me for leukaemia, ms and lupus.
Its now been 4 years since then and the flare ups are getting worse and theyre not contained to my feet, they extend into my lower legs which isnt supposed to happen with people who have primary raynuards. On top of that, after a particularly bad flare up today, patches of my skin went blue on my thighs, face and stomach. The veins beneath these patches appeared to be quite blue. We did a bit of research online and this seems to be called cyanosis which is common with people with secondary raynuards.
I have a friend who started loosing their hair and fainting so they went to the doctors. The doctors said that she was fine after a series of tests. Her mum then went to a private practitioner who then doagnosed her with a rare auto immune disease (i cant remember the name). But my mum worries that i may have something that wouldnt have been picked up on the general tests that ive had. Should we go private and get additional tests?

Yes, you need specialized testing most certainly. You might have to try an array of specialists but that is the best way to go about it as each one can apply their area of expertise to rule out potential causes.