Positive Aspirin effects


I was wondering what the effects are for other people that have taken aspirin.

(For example, I'll go first.)

How long have you had EM for?
Coming up to 2 years

What are the positive effects you notice by taking it?
Stops my burning feet. I can wear shoes.
I have blood pooling in my hands if I leave my hands at my side. It turns them from completely red to just splotchy instead. I don't seem to get livedo in my hands as much. I assume all of this helps with the flow and stops pooling, think it improves microcirculation.

How long do the positive effects last?
A baby aspirin seems to give me almost 48hrs of taking the edge off.

Do you have a myeloproliferative disorder? (MPD)
No, nothing picked up as yet. Haven't had the JAK-2 test though.

Do you have any other health issues?

Any responses are greatly appreciated.



You say you haven't had the JAK-2 test yet, does that mean you are waiting for it or hasn't it been mentioned? Do you know that you have a high red blood cell count? There are quite a few things that can cause your blood to be thick and sticky other than Myeloproliferative disorder. It's nice to know that you are getting relief from taking aspirin that will be because it thins your blood thereby helping circulation.

You say you don't have any other health issues so I assume you are not on any other medication?

Sorry lots of questions but they matter your answers.

Hi Sheltie

Thanks for your reply.

The docs have mentioned a JAK2 test previously but I haven't had it as yet - they didn't push for it.

(Red) Blood tests were:

HB 15.6 (13.0-18.0)

PCV 46.0 (40.0-54.0) Usually hovers around 45.

So all that seems ok.

I'm not on any other medication.

What are the other things that could cause my blood to be sticky and responsive to aspirin?

I still have a very small amount of burning, say if I have shoes on at certain times or feet under the covers for a period.

On this basis, I would say that aspirin takes away 95-98% of burning. I don't really notice it if I take aspirin and manage things as I usually do (avoid hot areas, etc)



Hi, I am not sure I will have a look around what else can cause it. I was wondering if you were on iron pills or diuretics as being on those can cause you to have a high red blood cell count, but obviously that isn't the reason for your blood pooling.

I just started taking aspirin about a month ago (when I remember to take it), and I definitely think it has helped me. My episodes don't last nearly as long with aspirin.