I am so glad that this avenue , Prayer, is here. In France so many people are scared and angry with the church that they have blocked their spiritual side. I believe that that side is in us and it helps to acknowledge it even if the institutions themselves of churchs and people have let many people down.

I believe we are the link in the chain and our behaviour radiates out to the next links and has a strong effect on them, who then radiate to their neighbors and so on. So lets keep as positive contributors to those around us.

In order to heal we need to be at peace if possible with our close ones.

This web site does this very well I am pleased and gives out love to those who need it especially at this time. Thankyou all of you...

Thank you for the lovely post. It is so true and I too am grateful for having a place where we are free to have and share what or whom brings us comfort and strength without judgment or controversy. Now a days that is harder and harder to find. Kudos Bens friends. Thank you Bens friends! Thank you too Christina for reminding us just how lucky we are.
God bless,

One day at a time...........we will heal.


God bless you Christina. Faith and trust Ok

No matter what our personal faith is, we can support each other through prayer, or sending positive thoughts and feelings towards others. I am so happy to have found this place to meet with others and pray for them. God bless x