Question for the women here

So my EM has gotten worse over the past year and I have noticed recently that my hands and feet flare and swell up pretty bad a day or two before my menstrual cycle and for a few days into it. Is this common? Has anyone else experienced this? And also this gives me concerns thinking about pregnancy. I would like to have a child in the next few years, so does pregnancy increase your symptoms?

Yes, flaring right before period is common. For me it starts getting bad 1 wk before. The drop of hormones causes vasodilation I believe? (such as menstrual migraines)

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Yes I concur. Always worse prior and at beginning of menstruation. I can’t offer advice on the pregnancy question but if you use the search icon and type in pregnancy there is several discussions you could read up on.

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I get headaches now too during my period

And I keep forgetting about the search thing on this site! I will use it more. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, completely terrible and I have entered the perimenopause stage of my life and wow - just wow, It is like I no longer know my body. But I am trying, that is for sure… slow process for sure.

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