Ranexa (ranolazine)


My derm suggested I try ranexa. Tried searching the forum for it but found nothing. Was wondering if anyone tried it, had good/bad rxns to it. Took one pill, had off the charts burning … so I’m nervous to try again …

Ranexa is used for angina really but is a sodium channel blocker like mexiletine.

Since I just had no response to a couple months of mexiletine, it seems like my derm might be checked out / eager to prescribe anything to get me out of his office (?)

I’ve tried:

gabapentin (better for a while then made me worse)
lyrica (helps with pain, but sedating)
doxepin (no change)
amlodipine (better for a while then worse)
midodrine (massively worse)
effexor, cymbalta, paxil, remeron, no anti-depressant (no change)
topical ketamine 10% / amit 2% (rebound)
plaquenil (no change)
botox (improvement)
antihistamines (better for a while then nothing)
propranolol (improvement, but depression SE)
clonidine (improvement)
NSAID’s (no change)
clonazapam (improvement)

… not sure what else atm.

On a related note, my dad and brother have similar symptoms as me (evening burning). If I failed mexiletine, would it be worth it at all to check for the sodium channel mutation?

Thanks for any thoughts. Would really like to be able to work again!

Just in case this might help anyone -

I gave ranexa another try. 5 days in. Yesterday I had to go out and get some bloodwork, and it was mid-70’s and got into a car that had been baking all day. I was shocked to realize that I was ok. My ears were hot/turned bright red, but no pain/burning. My cheeks got this feeling like they wanted to burn, but couldn’t – I just had this “fuzzy” feeling. Also, hands were ok.

usually I can’t get the ac on fast enough, and I’m trying to drive while trying to coordinate between my frozen water bottles / water misters. This time I felt I didn’t even need to turn on the AC (!)

First time in 2-3 years I felt this way. I’m not sure why I had that bad initial rxn, if that was a fluke/unrelated, or if I needed to come off of all vasoconstrictors (clonidine/beta blockers) to see a difference with the ranolazine (at my initial post, I thought vasoconstrictors were helping, but I think they were only helpful in the short-term with each dose while setting me up for more painful flares later… it was like I was always rebounding). I hope it lasts, but if it doesn’t I’m thankful to have had the temporary relief.