Red bumps

I’m a bit concerned as recently I have discovered red bumps on one of my toes, my EM flares have been the same as usual and I do go see a doctor on the 11th but wondered if anyone else has ever had this? They are not painful, and I have many other conditions as well I just have not found anything similar with googling.

When I first noticed them (Feb 1st)

Today (Feb 9th/10th)

Any thoughts?

Look like water blisters I would get. Can poke one with a needle and see if it is just water. I would get them when I worked outside for long periods of time, ignoring my flares (if that’s possible).

Hello Kats I have the same red bumps on my knees due to EM. I have another appointment with EM nurse soon and will be seeking advice. I will update on here.

I have had the blister bumps with EM. I also was diagnosed with Lupus and Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis both of which were causing some of my skin conditions. I don’t have the bumps any more but still have flares with redness, purple discolorations and, if I let it go too long without a cooling (fan), swelling. I’ve been on Hydroxychloriquine a year now and it seems to have helped. I also have metastatic breast cancer and restless leg syndrome. Seems there’s usually something else going on when you notice the EM gets worse. I seem to have had EM all my life but became worse when I started chemo treatments. Same for RLS; got worse while on medications for cancer.

Reminds me of my chilblains. I have Raynaud’s and EM and chilblains were my first indicator of the raynauds. Don’t pop them whatever you do. Careful to avoid ulcers and if they do open then I’d get some medical advice for wound care. I’ve been advised to keep them bandaged since feet are so susceptible to dirt. And I’m always open toed bc of EM so maybe that’s you too.

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May I ask, what type of doctor did you see that diagnosed for the Leukocytoclastic vasculitis?

I too have these bumps but on my hands and actually had a biopsy done last week. Just got the results back today which resulted in me coming here searching for answers, if any, that I could find through the forum. I have seen a rheumatologist and dermatologist with no luck about what the bumps are. They are painful especially in the morning time when my hands are swollen. The bumps only seem to occur during winter and clear liquid came out when I popped one a few years ago but was extremely painful.

Here are my results if anyone wants to take a look-


A. Right distal palmar small finger, Shave Biopsy:

Comment: The findings are not entirely specific, yet are those as
can be seen in some expressions of medication related reactions,
photo related dermatitis, perniosis and similar processes, and
perniosis remains favored. The histopathology for erythromelalgia
is nonspecific but usually demonstrates a sparser inflammatory
infiltrate than that seen in the current biopsy. Clinicopathologic
correlation is recommended. The sections show a superficial
perivascular cuffed lymphocytic infiltrate with dermal edema. This
case was reviewed at dermatopathology case conference with
members of our physician staff.

A dermatologist did a biopsy and it showed leukocytoclastic vasculitis and Lupus. I had a rash on my arms and chest from Lupus.