Relief for EM in my eyes, please and thank you?

Hello, All! Hope you’re well. :slight_smile: I’m newly diagnosed, and still learning the ropes. Can anyone share some ideas on how to help with the flares in my eyes, please? My right eye is the worst, and all I can come up with is putting a cool, damp washcloth over my eyes. Is there anything different, or better, that you can recommend, please? Thank you!

Hello CarolinaGirl , I keep moisturizing eye drops in my refrigerator. I also use a combination of drugs that really help. Amlodipine 5mgs. Imipramine 25 mgs. Tramadol HCL 50 mgs. Aspirin also works very well for some reason"natural analgesic", You might try submerging your face into a pot of ice water. Also cetirizine anti-histamines has been used to treat EM. Stay strong, deal with it !!!


Thank you so much for these ideas and encouragement!! Xo

Hello CarolinaGirl,

I am interested in learning about your EM symptoms in your eyes. I have been struggling with severe red eyes and what appears to be signs of EM or telangiectasias in my eyes. I am being diagnosed with severe dry eye but I think there is more of a connection to an EM diagnosis.

I am meeting with a new eye doctor next week and hope for some relief.

Thank you

Thanks for information