Seasonal changes affecting EM

My pain doc told me that barometric changes affect pain. Has anyone tracked how their EM reacts when it gets colder, or with more humidity or when it rains?

I’m working on this research but it’s time consuming and I’m adjusting to losing my husband over Halloween weekend. It has to do with the electrical current always present in our bodies and the impact metals, chemicals and things like barometric pressure has on this “energy” source. I will continue to find answers and report them as I can. I’m also fighting cancer so I have good days and bad.

I am relocating to be treated by Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles CA and they have some of the best doctors available. I will be getting everything out of them I can!

Feel better!:grinning:

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thank you so much for your reply and I will look forward to your other ideas when you feel strong enough. Take good care, and I am so terribly sorry that while you are under so much stress you lost your husband.
Michael ann

Humidity (mostly with warmer temps (above 65 degrees) definitely affects my EM. Causes swelling and flares.

I will try to pay more attention to this as far as EM goes. But the pressures Definitely effects to my other nerve pain. Even driving over a mountain pass well increase nerve pain in my head. I have a bad 5th cranial nerve Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I will pay more attention to altitude changes. Thanks!!

In Berkeley we have very little humidity, but hotter weather does affect my EM

I have had EM for about five years, anything over 68 degrees makes me miserable. I am also on a lot of medication and it still is painful. I also have reynauld’s, so when it get cold, I still have pain. (Yuck!)

5 years seems like such a long time. I am going on year two, and the misery of this is almost unbearable.

Thanks for replying to my “weather” question!!


Michael Ann

I do hope you get some answers when at Cedar Sinai. So sorry to hear you have lost your Husband and have cancer, not an easy time for you. Many positive thoughts are coming your way and keep your chin up.

Barometric changes definitely impact all kinds of chronic pain, everything from migraine to lymph edema to EM. There are numerous studies out there, too. Try googling for more details.


Thank you. I’ve been a bit drained, the holidays were horrible, I barely made it through them.

I’ll get back to you towards the end of the month when things slow down.