Second opinion with nuero surg

So I saw a new neuro surg yesterday he was so awesome. Dr Garrett he work at Barrow in AZ. He literally spend 40 min with me going over all of my stuff and showing me my MRI and what was what and what everything means and what my options are. I have always wondered it my fusion is what brought on my EM or if I just didn’t know I had it until it was full blown. He said that my nerve pain on the right arm still seems like the nerve that was compressed that I had the fusion form, he says that it is probably permanent damage from being compressed for so long which even though it’s fused I still have nerve pain so not great news I guess. Also I have 2 other discs that pushing on the spinal cord so now I have to have a CT myelography guess he says by putting dye in the spinal cord they can see a clearer pic of whats going on ugh I dnt wanna have another surg since I fell like it really didn’t fix me better but still in pain everyday and now I have EM to boot. Just seems like its always something going on with me and im on 40, it gets depressing being in pain not only from EM but from chronic cervical spine pain and arm pain. Guess will see what the CT shows and then revisit options. Its so hot right now here in Arizona I cant even stand walking out to the car my skin instantly starts burning and swelling up. Winter cant get here soon enough but Aug is gonna be the worst.

stay cool E

Hey Momma,
Good to see you’re still around. Having multiple symptoms from multiple conditions is never easy to manage. Often in managing one condition it can cause a flare up in another and they end up feeding off of each other. Living in Arizona can’t be easy when trying to manage EM. Do you have a Dr taking everything into consideration? Or do you have an EM dr, and a neuro dealing with the nerve pain and cervical spine pain and then a pcp for everything else. Often having individual dr’s for each can be a little confusing and the ‘Whole picture’ doesn’t actually get looked at. I’m in Australia and here we have general practitioners (GP), then we have physicians, then we have specialists. For your common everyday needs GP’s are good. But for more complex needs physicians can be great. The look at the whole picture, then refer patients on to the relevant specialist, collating all of the specialist reports and information.

It can be helpful to have a full overview as some specialists can be great, in their own field, but outside of that field their information can be limited.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

I feel your pain darling literally, 3 times I have been to Australia on holiday from UK and I have been in agony with my feet. Totally ruined my holiday’s, I could hardly walk anywhere for more than half an hour. Good luck love, we need it.:joy::rofl::uk::beer: xx ps alcohol makes it worse.