Severe Toe and Foot cramps?

Anyone else have trouble with severe toe and foot cramps (ankles sometimes too). I haven’t heard of this being an EM symptom but I’m wondering if it’s something I’m taking for it. I thought it might be Nortriptyline since they started around the time I started that. I quit taking it they were so bad and they let up for a week or so but now they are right back to keeping me up at night. The only other thing I think it could be is the magnesium suppliments I’m taking but since that is the ONLY thing helping my EM at all, I really don’t want to stop taking it. Anyone else have problems with this?

I don’t really have an answer but I also have the severe foot cramps. I also have severe leg cramps and torso cramps sometimes too. I started taking my Vit D with calcium every day and my cramps are not as bad. I take magnesium every night but that never seemed to help. I’ve only been taking the Vitamin D and Calcium for a short time, like a month.

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I think the magnesium helps but I also am starting to think it is the cause of my cramps and those I think are worse so I’m going off it for a while, see if the cramps go away.

Since a cramp is the muscle contracting, I doubt it would be the magnesium since it does the opposite and relaxes muscles but be sure to post back and let us know.

Yup. I do. I call it the exorcist!

I have Raynauds too And I think we’d n em is flared and then I ice it or the change of temp in the room… It cramps

Yes I get the cramp in bottom of foot like a Charlie horse by the big toe …

I’m thinking it’s a vitamin deficiency…
just don’t have a clue what one it could be???

Vitamin c?
Vitamin d?

I always think mine is from the fast change to cold from hot. I’ve noticed when they arw cold too they cramp.

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