Sharing progress re: severe Edema blisters

So in my original post I shared that I had severe blisters from Edema and here we are now 4 weeks later with the very slow, extremely Painful healing process I’ve been going through. I’m happy to report that the Edema has improved a bit and it is sometimes really bad and other times moderate. Have been unable to eliminate it as I cannot tolerate my feet being up or wrapped as both cause extreme heat and pain. I am still using cool water baths with my feet inside extra large ziploc bags immersed in cool water. I had been having some success with gabapentin and a small amount of pain relief with 100mg doses of tramadol and 10mg doses of oxycodone. But I am now trying neuropathic treatments of hypericum perforatum, colubrina and arsenicum album and feel like they are helping much more :slight_smile: I’m not having as much nerve pain and the severity is also less. I have taken other members advice on here and I am using tapping as a coping mechanism during nerve pain bouts and it definitely helps ! I am still going to try other methods shared from others as well :slight_smile: I am still suffering with all day flares and the goal is to lower that and hopefully eliminate them all together and be able to get back to a normal life. I am so thankful for all of you for your knowledge and support and appreciate any ideas that are shared with me ! Not sure if all the photos will come through as I have always had trouble with the photos on here, but I guess I will see after I choose to post lol
Oh ! P.S the white you see is a triad paste used with bandages that rehab put on and the bleeding and torn blisters happened after I was told to wrap my feet in tensors (by myself) and they stuck to the bandages which stuck to the blisters and now my left foot has developed a large blister :cry:

Hi Gemgal,

I’m so happy to see you are receiving treatment that is helping to heal those blisters. I can’t begin to imagine all the pain you are going through. You have been brave and strong to fight through this! I hope you continue to see improvement and relief with the blisters and edema then you can move on for treatment of EM. Keep up the good fight!!

@Machel awww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: Thank you ! It’s definitely been a battle but I’m lucky I’ve had so much help from family, friends and this community :blush:

If gabapentin does provide significant results, as for Lyrica. It’s more expensive but it was the only thing that worked for me, in combination with Salsalate (aspirin based anti-inflammatory), cymbalta, Lyrica and CBD oil. FYI - I know the cold soaks make it tolerable but it also causes the skin to break down. The blistering isn’t going to heal until you stop. I know from experience.

Best wishes for recovery. That looks painful. I hurt just looking at the pics. You are a warrior.

@standing_cat awww ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you :blush:

@jswilcox2 thank you for your advice :slight_smile: however I am unable to take cymbalta or Lyrica because of the drastic side effects I had. I don’t put my feet directly in water, I have them in large ziploc bags and then immerse them in cool water, so they never get wet and the bags help protect from the coldness a bit as well :slight_smile: At this point it is the only way I can cool them or bring down the swelling. A fan does not achieve that for me. I am unable to have them raised as the nerve pain and heat multiplies as soon as I do. I know it’s very odd because raising them above your heart is recommended for EM and for Edema, but that’s the way my body responds.

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I had a couple of blisters like yours. I went to the wound center and the doctor poked the blister and cleaned up the area and put Xeroform on it. I changed the Xeroform every day and it finally healed. Xeroform is gauze with petrolatum, there are different brand names.