Should I go to a doc?

I am just curious, I have had EM for around 1+ year ish, and its quite mild. No pain, no itching, and I live like normal, but the problem is when I get overheated, then the foot/toe gets very hot/red with enlarged veins, and that gets quite uncomfortable rather then painful. And the summers is very annoying, as soon as I walk long distances the toes gets so red, and the foot gets a bit swelly with the veins too.

Other then that, I can workout at the gym, I can shower in hot water(foot and toes gets red tho), I can eat normally etc.

So i am just curios, since I live in Norway, and since this is still a rare condition, and it would take time to get a doctor to diagnose me, what should I do next? I have taken bloodtest, and they came back normally. So, should I wait until the symptoms gets worse(painful) and then search for help, or now?

You should go to a doctor if your symptoms are bothersome (and they quite clearly are bothersome to you).

I tend to want to tell you to go ahead and get established with a doctor like now, get a baseline on file, then if things should progress you won’t be trying to find someone and trying to get treatment for something when there’s no comparison to what was normal.


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They are a bit bothersome in the summer, yes.

But its not like I have horrific pain, like 90% pain of the EM-patients visit the doc for, mine is more uncomfortable and annyoing, and I can live completely normally. I also dont see what the doc will do? Its not any cure anyways. Maybe some meds or creams?

The other thing is that I live in Norway, so only to find a doctor who treats EM-patients will take week/months here :slight_smile:

If the doctor can’t treat the physical symptoms, perhaps he or she can alleviate the anxiety related to them. You’ve asked a variation of this same basic question over and over again for nearly a year. You’re obviously extremely worried by what’s happening. I think you’re well overdue to at least talk to a doctor about your anxiety regarding EM.

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