Should i make a discord server?

Hey this forum is great but I would love to have a sort of chat room where we could get to know each other a bit easier and just post randomly as we please. Perhaps something like this is already in place but if not I would love to create a server on the discord app (its like skype) please let me know if this sounds like a useful idea? Thanks :smile: Success Discord


I’ll pass the idea on. We’ve had group chats in some of the support groups in the past.

Sharon from ModSupport

Mark, we hear you, and we’d love that too! At the moment our sites are hosted by a third party, which has restrictions on what we can do, what we can’t do, and what we can do if we pay a lot more money. And being totally honest now, Ben’s Friends operates on a “lean” budget because we prefer to maintain our independence from big-bucks advertisers and sponsors.

We are working hard to find revenue from sources that support our wish to be independent and free of advertisers. That’s what our totally optional Patreon donation drive is all about. As you can imagine, that is slow going!

Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion and the offer! There is a person here, TJ, who is much more knowledgeable about the details of this kind of thing than I am. I’ll alert him to your question.


That sounds like a good idea. I find that while this site is helpful, a chat room really is the best thing next to in person conversation.
I’m sure if you set up one for people with EM and simply shared the link (with mods permission) quite allot of us would use it also.

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I think a discord server is a great idea :blush:

I like the idea. Can you share the discord link, please?

welp Success Discord there it is lolol :slight_smile: