Shoulder-fracture flare decreasing!

Thanks to everyone who answered my post about the serious flareup that I experienced after breaking my shoulder, three weeks ago. The rheumatologist recommended loading up on aspirin temporarily, and increasing my nortriptyline. I don't know if that's the reason that the burning in my feet has subsided to normal levels (which for me, I'm thankful to say, isn't too bad). It could also be because the acute inflammation in my arm and shoulder subsided. Somehow that seems more likely to me, but of course I don't know. Anyway, the EM is now back to a manageable level, assuming I keep an electric fan on my feet when I'm in my overheated office.

My shoulder and arm, on the other hand, are very sore and likely to get worse once I start PT. But for someone with a chronic condition, it's kind of a relief to be bothered most by a "normal" pain like a broken bone!

Wishing some good news to everyone this week--


Dear Lynn,

Massive thank you for letting us know how you are faring. We usually hear the bad news, not the good :-). Thrilled to hear you are 'comfortable' and that shoulder is on the mend. Aspirin seems to work pretty well for a lot of 'secondary' EM'ers. Have we got that fantastic rheumatologists name? Sorry- cant remember if you gave me it, you probably have lol!

Stay in touch.

Big hug

God bless


Sounds like good news Lynn. Don’t be worried if the shoulder takes its time to get back to pre-accident. I had to throttle back with the exercising as I didn’t seem to be improving at all pain-wise. I think I was pushed too hard and was doing more harm than good. Take it easy and don’t try to do too much.

I totally get it! Relief to be suffering from something normal for once! I am so glad it is back to a more bearable state. Thank you for keeping us updated.