It seems my flares are getting worse since they began with intensity in November. Although my hands would swell before with heat/discoloration temp issues, the pain I have been having in my feet seems to have progressed to one hand now. It hurts to walk and having lived so long with Lyme's and once being so active, I lived for my "good" days when I felt halfway human and wasn't completely exhausted. Now it seems my body is once more on the rampage and continues to fight against me. It just makes my heart sad........I want to be active but with pain when I walk and issues with flaring it seems even that small joy is being stolen. What breaks my heart is when I have to tell my kids no I can't do something .... how many times can I say no to them? The majority of their life all they have known is a mom who has been sick. I still work, I still do everything a "normal" mom would do but it comes at a steep price. I know I'm a fighter, and I will continue to fight-- the moment I take off my gloves is the moment the life I so desperately hold onto changes forever........I'm not willing to let that happen.......I'm not willing to step out of the ring, there's too much at stake to give up.......LIFE, you may take the wind out of my sails, and bring me to my knees......but I will not bow out in defeat.