Skin Lessions due to EM

Since I am new to this site, I am still learning to navigate all the content. However, I have a question regarding if anyone has ever experienced skin lessions as a condition of EM? My EM is worse in the winter than in the summer, my neurologist and I have concluded that in the summer I have less flare ups due to being in the sun, swimming in my pool and air conditioning on hot days. I still have flare ups but they subside quickly enough by going for a swim or standing on the floor vent with the a/c running.

In the winter, although I rarely wear regular shoes or socks, the flare up are long lasting and intense on my feet. Then I start getting itchy bumps like spider bites that then turn purple,and turn into lessions that spread along the sides of my feet, heals and toes. The itching is so painfull that there is little relief and I have tried everything. As I assume with everyone, the flare ups are worse at night or after activity, but the intense itching is an added layer of hell.

I come out with itchy blisters all over the tops of my feet and toes during flare ups. A bit like heat rash and unbearably itchy. Once feet have cooled off the itching eases but blisters are still there. I have oedema of my feet and ankles and, as some of the blisters have broken, I've developed ulcers due to the constant swelling which prevents the skin from healing.

Don't scratch them whatever you do as the pain will be really bad. I once foolishly and only lightly ran my nails over them during a flare and the pain was unbelievable. Put me in mind of when I had an obscure skin complaint many years ago called cheiropompholix, (not easy to say but try kiropomflix) but then the blisters were huge and covered my hands and feet. Cured eventually with steroids.

Yes, the flares always happen at night despite all precautions. Sometimes one foot sometimes both. Worst is when one foot eases after about 5 hours and the other foot then starts all over again. Bank goes another nights rest! What a cruel complaint.

I am experiencing horrible blisters on my feet. They are mainly around my toenails, the top of my toes and my heels. They are super painful when they break open. I have questioned my doctors about them and we believe they are heat blisters from my em. One doctor gave me a prescription antibiotic cream to use on them because they do become nasty open wounds after they break open or pop. The cream is to try to keep the wounds from becoming infected. The cream has helped with the healing process but it still is a slow process. I am really having a hard time finding shoes other than flip flops that I can wear. It is extremely frustrating and painful. The doctor also prescribed me a roll on that I am supposed to put on my feet to stop them from perspiring so much. My feet at times are just soaking wet with sweat. He seemed to think that the excessive sweat could cause the blisters. However, I’ve been afraid to try it. I feel that my feet sweat excessively to help cool them down. I’d rather have sweat and blister than the horrible burning pain. If anyone has tried an antiperspirant on their feet, please let me know how it worked for you. Hang in there. If you are interested in the antibiotic cream, please let me know and I will look up the name of it for you.

Thanks Lizzi! I will check it out. I am on gabapentin too, but am still experiencing sweaty feet. I suffer from sympathetic nerve dysfunction as well. Now that you mention that, I seem to remember my neurologist stating that people who have neuropathy often have sweaty feet, but I do not recall being told a reason why.

Thanks for the explanation. Good information to know. I’m only taking 300 mg of gabapentin at bedtime. I’m not sure how well it is helping. I’m still having flares where I have stinging and burning pain. I also take aspirin and use lidocaine patches. I’m going to go see a vascular doctor at The Cleveland Clinic in the spring. I’m looking forward to seeing a doctor who has experience with treating em.

i get those exact same bumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them soooo much. i find that i get them during winter when i get to cold for to long (even tho it feels good to be cold, i have to flare myself up a little bit here and there to prevent the bumps. those things are freakin painful, and i feel your pain, especially when you can barely walk and the em is in every bump....