Small Fiber Neuropathy and EM

As a follow up to my other postings on SFN, I recently returned from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. They do several tests for SFN, including a Sweat Test. I believe they are one of the few places in the world that offer that test. Very uncomfortable. They put dye on you that react to sweat, and they put you in an oven usually 45 mins. (in my case for an hour and 5 minutes). There is a strong correlation between lack of sweating and small fiber neuropathy. By taking pictures and looking at the areas where there is no sweating they can get a comprehensive view of the whole body. In my case they was a lack of sweating on parts of the toes, feet, thighs, and groin. My condition has stablized but if it were to get worse they would recommend IVIG.

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