Started Gabpentin again

I went back for my 3 month follow up with my Rheumy, I suggested leaving the Cymbalta at 60 mg and adding Gabapentin, to see if that helps the EM, she reminded me of the side effects I had last time, but it is worth a try.
Just 1/2 hour in, I am getting that spinning room feeling, but hopefully the merry go round will stop at some point…
Should be a interesting experiment.
BTW I think I may have Alkalosing Spondylosis, not that it is related to EM, but it is just one more “thing” to deal with! I had a MRI done last week, of course it came back “normal” with one ruptured disc and another bulging. The “expert” didn’t see the massive erosion of my SI joints, which is sometimes associated with AS.
I will give a progress report on the results of this combined Rx approach to EM, hopefully it will “chill out” the feet and hands some…

Hello Jon

I’m sorry Gabapentin is so hard for you to take. I am on this now but when I first started it made me feel high ,Weird and really sleepy. strange how this med did this because I am on a cocktail of meds including morphine and demerol and Gabapentin is the only thing I’ve taken that makes me feel weird. Thankfully with time these side effects stopped so hopefully with some time it will get better for you too br />
hang in there.

Last time I was on it, I had severe brain fog and blurred vision. I had the spaced out feeling for quite a while, can’t remember if it ever went away. I am hoping that my treatment of SLE Lupus will minimize the side effects, I stopped having blurred vision after starting Hydroxychloroquine. Gabapentin did help me get to sleep last night, without the Lunesta sleeping pill, but I didn’t get much sleep.

Hi Jon - Sparky,

Sorry to hear that you are having nasty side effects from Gabapentin. I must admit many of us do experience adverse effects. Have you tried pregabalin ? Its a newer version with less side effects. I couldnt tolerate gaba but I am fine on pregabalin. Re: gabapentin together with cymbalta - other members also report dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Usually tritation helps alleviate side effects. What dose are you on ?

I am starting with 100 mg twice a day, plus Cymbalta 60mg once a day. I had a harder time on Lyrica then I did with Gabapentin. With Lyrica, I had bad brain fog and blurred vision.
I think Gabapentin is helping, I have less EM pain.