Surgery and EM

It looks like I will have to have my gallbladder taken out in the next month or so. I am wondering how Em responds to surgery? Has anyone had flares increase?

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I don’t have EM but I do have advice for you – surgery is wildly stressful on your body, even “routine” procedures.

With that said, I strongly advise prepare for the worst, expect the best. If I were you I would assume I’m going to flare after surgery and be ready for it (and tell everyone who so much as glances at you pre-op that you have EM). Then, should you not flare, it will be even more fabulous.


One member reported flares were eliminated temporarily, likely due to effects of the anesthesia given for surgery.

that was me!

it was the only break i’ve had. i certainly get different the the evening of the procedures. i just knew somehow that i wasn’t going to flare and burn. even while crying in joy and disbelief that evening, it didn’t cause a burn.

i still look back on it as a miracle or a dream!!!

but your miles may vary. i had a terrible terrible burn getting a nerve conduction test. it was probably more from the tiny room and laying flat than the test itself

i still believe there is something in the anaesthetic cocktail that gave me a relief!