Swelling and blisters - any relief?

Hello. Anyone else get swelling and blisters with flares? In a recent flare, my daughter’s feet started swelling, and now there are blisters. Anyone found a way to reduce the swelling? My daughter started Nifedipine ER last Friday for pain. The swelling started before that though. Thanks for any advice.

I don’t have good advice about relief. But for sure my recommendation is to never open them up/pop them. They are so painful, I know, but if they open then she risks ulcers. For me, with my circulation being so messed up, the ulcers can really become a serious problem. I learned these lessons long ago but it took years for me to understand how to manage them. My tendency was that opening the blisters would give me relief but it’s just the opposite.

Wishing you all the best. I know it sucks so much.

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Thanks for the advice. We help her with ‘wound care’ - no opening the blisters, but allowing them to drain on their own. It does suck.

Hi PaMom,

Nifedipine dilates the blood vessels. It is usually given when you have cold feet (Raynaud’s Disease, or rarely for Chilblains). Does your daughter have either of those? If not, and she just has Erythromelalgia - which is excessive dilation of the blood vessels - the nifedipine could make that part worse. Calcium channel blockers like nifedipine/amlodipine can also cause swelling.

Steve-EM No evidence of Raynaud’s! I will follow up with her doctor about this. However the swelling started even before the new med. I definitely will watch for a flare.