Tanning beds

Hi all, I am new here and have just been reading through the other question threads. I have flares on my hands and feet. My hands get the worst of it. This Bob method I’ve seen seems interesting and also scary… But I wonder about tanning beds? That heats you up but also puts the UVA/UVB light concentrated on the skin. So I guess I’m wondering if anyone here has used tanning beds, if so what was the out come? Did it help? Did it cause flaring?

Happy to be here and excited to finally have a place to communicate with others about living through this thing :slight_smile:

Hey there, Jyandav! Welcome to our erythromelalgia community. We’re glad that you found us, but sorry that you have reason to join.

I did a search for your tanning bed question using our search engine and I found … nothing! But maybe popping this thread back up to the top of the “latest” will help find you an answer.

In any case, welcome.


Well in case anyone was interested or searches for this topic in the future I thought Id give a lil update: Despite being terrified of some imaginary outcome of my hands and feet melting from the tanning heat and lights, I ended up trying it out. I just went for 6 minutes in the lowest power bed. My hands and feet looked really crazy under the lights because of all the veins close to the surface of my skin. My anxiety was really high and I was almost panicking just because I was afraid of flaring afterwards BUT to my surprise I did not flare. I went again yesterday for the same time and I have to say… I have not had a flare in 3 days. I normally have at least 1 a day. So I’d like to think maybe it’s helping. Or I have been REALLY lucky the past few days. Maybe this will help someone, maybe not. But it definitely is interesting to me. I think I will keep going for this low amount of time for a few weeks and see how I do :v: