TEA Posting 3/3/16 - The Passionate Pursuit of Nav 1.7

Hi all - I just noticed this post on TEA’s site and thought I’d copy it here. Be sure to check out the YouTube video.

The Passionate Pursuit of Nav 1.7

“I am pleased that the video “The Passionate Pursuit of Nav1.7” is educating the community about EM, and about the search for Nav1.7 blockers as treatments for it. My comments in that video reflect my belief that there is a good chance that, ultimately, Nav1.7 blockers will alleviate pain in EM and related disorders.

In parallel with biopharmaceutical companies, and in collaboration with several of them, my colleagues and I are learning more and more, by the month, about pain in EM and how we may alleviate it with new and more effective medications. More research needs to be done and this will take time, but we are excited about recent progress.

I believe that, by working together, academia and the biopharmaceutical sector will win the war against EM. I salute all of the researchers throughout the biopharmaceutical sector and in academia who are working to make this happen. “

Stephen G. Waxman, MD,PhD
Bridget Marie Flaherty Professor of Neurology,
Neurobiology, and Pharmacology;
Director, Center for Neuroscience & Regeneration/
Neurorehabilitation Research
Yale University School of Medicine