The latest in pain research news - January 2015

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Here is a summary of the best pain research updates for the January issue of 'HOTDESK'.

Paroxetine for Women With Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms

Higer opioid use associated with increased depression

$1 million study to focus on chronic pain

Fibromyalgia prevalence varies according to diagnostic criteria

Acute stress deleterious effect on ability to modulate pain

Medical marijuana - latest update

Trigger point injections

To Your Good Health: Autoimmune blisters call for long-term treatment

Governments war on oxycontin

FDA Ok's Senza spinal cord stimulation for pain

Skin biopsy to improve diagnosis of pain

Rebranding chronic fatigue syndrome

Anxiety may speed aging

First “Humanized” Mouse Model of Sjögren’s Syndrome Opens Door to Study Other Autoimmune Diseases

How to train your Dr

The Promise of Pharmacogenomics for Inflammatory Diseases

10 links to issues concerning taking opioids from Pain Management Professionals Perspective. Good for those who want to learn the details of opioid management

FDA Okays Abuse-Deterrent Zohydro ER

Training the brain to beat pain

Scientists link processed foods to autoimmune diseases

Top 10 pain breakthroughs of 2014

Vitamin D deficiency and Lupus

3 ways endocrine disruptors destroy your health

Diet and EM /raynauds: The effectiveness of an anti-inflammatory nutritional supplement an an elimination diet in a patient with EM and Raynaud's phenomenon.


Hi Mads.

Many thanks for this. My reply follows up the article above on:Training the brain to beat pain

I googled Michael Moskowitz and found his pain center site ( ) as well as his site for research and training ( ). In particular, I found the power points for a lecture on neuroplastic approaches to chronic pain management to be very interesting ( ), especially SLIDE 38 which shows the major regions in the brain involved in pain. The info also ties into the material on their "Research page" which addresses certain treatment approaches they are studying. That was really interesting and I am going to try some of these techniques for sure.



Great stuff Dragica,

I have added those links into the HOTDESK feature. Big thanks for sharing that info.

Hope you are keeping comfortable as can be.

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