Thighs burn when I am sitting!

I have been having a rough time with my thighs! I have Livedo per derm and i know that isn't supposed to hurt. Problem is my thighs are burning big time.

Ouch!! If I get up and move around I am fine.

I am becoming really upset by this and fear that my EM is spreading like wild fire.

Can this just go away or will this always flare?


Im headed to Mayo on June 9th - I"ll see what they say.

Well, you are probably already home from mayo. I sure hope you got some good info. By chance do you have peripheral neuropathy? I have this in addition to EM and thighs, backs of knees, etc can be on fire and it can be excruciating! Just so you know you are not alone!!! How was mayo? Did you meet Dr Sandorini? Did you find dr Davis arrogant??? I have appt in July and am thinking I am going to cancel. Would love to hear your take on your experience .
Stay strong,

Hi Robyn,
I just read your note. So sorry for my delay.
I had testing done for neuropathy at Mayo and I do not have any type of neuropathy. I met with a derm but he wasn’t one of the big EM ones. My toes were not red, but he did see pics of my red toes.
He said he couldn’t render me a diagnosis.
He said my not having small fiber neuropathy was a good sign.