Ticked off

Ticked off,
So normally I have learned to try to let things go but enough was enough today and I became mad at kids and boyfriend ya know when you feel like they think your the maid and that they get to do whatever and mom will just deal with it all. Well I had a family emergency that has me already stressed and then at home I have no help from anyone I’m sure some of you can relate lol. Well after I got mad I felt my knees begin to burn and I normally dnt flare there but for whatever reason it set them off today ugh. Lesson learned feels like my knee caps are burning I could feel the heat without even touching them. Stress is definitely a factor for sure and being angry sets off flares.

I agree stress definitely makes things worse.

Sorry your family don’t help I was the same when my husband was alive he expected me to cook and not easy meals, do the housework etc., whilst he sat around doing nothing.

I know it’s not easy but try and relax.

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Sorry for your loss that must be hard. Ya typical kids they think your the maid and just live to clean up after them lol NOT. Definitely hard to stay relaxed as I’m sure you well know, but it for sure makes things way worse. I hope that maybe there is something out there that will help to get this under control just going to be a long road of trial and error I believe. Is there something you take that seems to have been the biggest help?

I had no children couldn’t have them, but my husband was more like a child.

I take Clonazepam which relaxes the muscles and helps with stress.

i hear you.

with age i’ve certainly learned to let things go. however… last week i was determined to stick up for myself and lay down some boundaries with a family member. as i was calling them back my face started to burn. i knew this emotionally charged conversation was going to ignite a feirce burn and i questioned the universe why i would ‘suffer’ in order to advocate for myself.

i’m always looking for bigger meaning fro. the smallest things… it’s a habit

i’ve also got some twisted thinking that i cause my flares. that they are some punishment for having a bad thought or being impatient. i’m trying to break that thought process. it’s not serving me.