Trental / pentoxifylline

Anyone try this? What is your experience?

I will try for EM symptom management. I am nervous it might be a vasodilator (I cannot handle any vasodilators right now, for sure) - although my doc said it isn’t really, that it more “changes the way the blood moves through the blood vessels”.

I searched the forum and could only find a couple hits, surprisingly. I know it is anti-inflammatory too (inhibiting TNF-alpha and I think other things). The anti-inflammatory effects actually look interesting but I have very poor experiences with anything that mucks around with circulation…

I tried it and even though it’s a weak anti-inflammatory, I felt some help with swelling after 3 doses or so. It initially made my neck hot but not anymore. Certainly a much weaker “heat” imo than say, magnesium. I’m glad I tried this!

Hello, @standindgcat! I’m newly diagnosed, and this is the first medicine my doctor tried with me, along with aspirin. She initially started me with 800 mg per day–400 in am and 400 in pm, along with a baby aspirin once per day. Second month in, I’m down to 400 mg in the evening, and no baby aspirin, as it was causing crazy bruising. So far, the Pentoxifilline has helped with my evening flares, with no real discernable side effects. I have also begun a very consistent swimming regimen, as I’m concerned about bloodflow not reaching the nooks and crannies of my extremities, and this seems to be improving many things in my overall health. Maybe this is one of the newer medicines, since you didn’t seem to find much reference to it in other threads, but I am also finding it to be helpful, and would encourage others to give it a try!!