Trying to get diagnosis

Reading about all the symptoms of this illness and all the tricks used to find relief and medications used to relieve pain is like reading a bio of my struggle for the past few years. I was literally brought to tears when I found this because I have had no reasonable answers from my doctors and very little symptom relief from them. It has been a constant battle and painful trial and error. I am looking for any pointers on how to advocate for myself to bring this disorder along with raynauds to my doctors attention as im pretty sure I have them both. Because when I cool the hot flare ups my toes turn purple and blue and are painful. And it also seems that when I get cold and try to warm them they flare up worse. It’s been sick a vicious cycle. Any pointers on that as well? It’s very frustrating. Also thank you to all who warn against icing. I did this in the summer not knowing any better and it justfelt SO GOOD. was theonly relief i had. But i ended up with big blisters and major tissue loss.