Types of soles for summer cooling

Hello everyone. First I hoe thst today is a burn free pain free day! Or at least part of it!

Shoes for the summer.

Nike slip on flip flops as they call them, Adidas etc a slip on And cushion. Has anyone found one thst doesn’t get hot?

I have no arches and am suppose to wear my big ugly inserts in my shoes at all times. Yeah right! Can’t do that anymore!

So along with most of you, I strive for a sandel that gives some support and cushion but doesn’t heat up.

I’ve looked in almost every store. While I like the Adidas and Nike slip ons, I think your foot will heat up on the custom. I researched all shoes too and consoles.

It seems leather makes the least sweat. Any type of cushion be a use it will most likely be synthetic will heat your foot up. There’s something G said about the suade material that it wiks water away. But I’m not sure if that would heat up the foot.

Since it’s 2017 and the shoe post is older, I’m asking if everyone can share what works and what doesn’t so that all of us may look at current options.

Thank you and I hope we all can find foot ware!

Sketchers makes a “cooling” memory foam insole in some of theiri tennis shoes. I bought a pair and the covering is like a spandex. I can tolerate them for very short periods of time in the winter but it’s not so much the sole but the covering but honestly it’s probably the fact I’m even on my feet. If I just had them on with my feet up, in the winter, outside, I might be okay. So back to my point i wish they made sandals with this insole because flip flops can really bother the bottom of my feet too.

I really like a sandal by CLARKS FOOTWEAR, the one I bought this year is BREEZE SEA

I have found a sandal that works best for me is an all leather one. My feet still burn when it’s over 70 degrees but not nearly as bad. The best made sandal I have is on Amazon. Sandalim, Jesus sandals. They come in a variety of colors and styles. All have super comfortable, well made soles with arch support, and they are all leather.

All of these shoes look and do understand good however I can’t wear those types. That thing between your big toe, I can’t tolerate it at all.

A slip on perhaps but can’t find any similar.

I have found real leather under my feet for both sandles and sneakers to be real beneficial. I have orthotics in my shoes for another problem, and had the top lined with leather. When I have a bad flare in the night and can’t sleep, I slide my feet into my shoes and have instantly they feel better…