Unusual thing I think, no?

Hi everybody,

I am surprised to be able to take a hot bath (really hot) without any real crisis.

Upon entering the bath, I feel the pricks in the feet, and then it stops in a few minutes. My feet are not red in the bath.

When I get up and I go out of the bath, they are red, but as the rest of my body is , due to the heat.

Does everyone reacts like that or is it unusual for em?


Hi Carine,
I don’t have a problem with a hot bath, although I was afraid at first. The water doesn’t bother me but the process of getting out of the tub is painful because all of my weight is on my feet! Also, I knew along time ago not to ice a burn, so as much add my feet hurt, I never soak them in cold water. I will wrap a ice pack in a towel, and that helps a little bit.

I've found my feet get slightly uncomfortable in the warm water excercise pool (94 deg. F). However, it's worth it and I generally feel good afterward. I do seek cooling foot treatments once I get home.

As someone who has a low body temp and often took hot baths just to warm up…I can say I miss them very much. Even warm water causes redness and pain that doesn’t go away without cooling and something for the pain.

Maybe you do well with things that dilate?

I cannot take cold showers. After I take a shower my feet, calves and hands get red and hot. It takes awhile for me to be able to get dressed after a shower. Even though I don’t take hot showers, my body temperature takes awhile to cool down. It’s awful.