Update on life

Been diagnosed with crps as well as em, got on medical marijuana and it’s a godsend for my pain, especially em pain. Not on disability yet but I may not get it because, I’m getting married!! I found a wonderful man who despite all my health issues loves me and wants to help me better myself. I’ve gotten back into schooling as well from home. The plan is to go into IT and work from home hopefully with my legs elevated. Things in my life are finally looking hopeful!


Congratulations on your engagement! I’m really happy to hear you’ve found treatment that helps and have been able to make progress. That is fantastic. I’m so excited for you!

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@Kats congrats on the marriage proposal ! Sorry about your diagnosis’s :frowning: Gabapentin and Tramadol have been helping me - I’m allergic to cannabis so that’s not an option for me

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Hello Kats, Happy everything is on the woodside of this Insidious condition…

Question: What kind and how often and how much medical marijuana do you take…
I have thinking of trying…

I take a blended one I’m not sure what strains exactly as I have limited selection in utah.

However if I have the choice I prefer sativa during the day and indica at night.

I typically take it as a gummy, 10mg but I suggest starting with 5mg your first time, you can cut the gummy in half to easily do this depending on the mg. It usually lasts about four hours in gummy form for me personally but it does take awhile to kick in so take it in anticipation for things.

I typically end up taking 2-3 10mg doses a day, one of those being at bedtime as I have insomnia and it helps me sleep. I would for sure recommend it.

You can typically call and ask a doctors office if they have doctors who prescribe it or if you live in a state that allows it recreationally you can talk to them there as they’re usually pretty knowledgable, I still recommend getting a letter or medical card though if you can.

Be aware though you’ll have to have already tried lots of different treatment options to get one.

My fiance vapes it and it works faster and lasts 2-3 hours depending on the person. I can get more information from him if you’d rather go that route for the faster kick in time.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask! Medical marijuana has honestly changed my life, I went on a several hour hike after just one dose of 5mg and although I was aware of the burning I didn’t feel the usual searing pain that accompanied it.