Virtual Christmas Party: 5 days to go!

Hi Guys,

We are counting down to our festive forum fun

What favorite tipple and nibble will you have at our virtual Christmas party ?.

Dont forget to share your No 1 dance tune

Dress code - keep it cool

PS: First drinks round on mod team:-)

Before the EM and medication regime I loved chardonnay (Australian ) and shots of schnapps(peach)

Nibbles - pepperoni pizza gets me everytime and calamari in batter with alioli

Music - Night fever soundtrack - especially burn baby burn - disco inferno ;)

Cool dress code

If I could have a drink it would be champagne with a splash of Chambord . Food???? Captain crunch chicken!!! You know you want some Mads! I think our discussion on dress code from the last post pretty much said it all! Yes Frostbite...I'm talking to you :)

Ooo party! I'll dust off my MC Hammer trousers. :)

I'll have a glass of a reassuringly expensive beer and a pistachio or two.

I want wine! Virtual wine that won't make me flush. And maybe an ice cold beer...virtual again! And food with no calories, that would be kind of fun!