Vitamins supplements

I have bought these hearing magnesium is ment to help but are they the right ones also B2 and B12 are ment to help also?? But is it worth taking the full a complex or just them two
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bella, there are so many differences among the members here that there is no one supplement that is right for everyone. Members can share what has worked for them, but cannot recommend what will work for you. Please check any supplements you are taking with your medical team before beginning.

Ah, the wonderful world of supplements! My advice is to first speak with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that there are no interactions with any of the medications that you may be taking. A really common misunderstanding that folks have about supplements is that they are all safe becasue they are over the counter, but that really is not true. Some can cause severe interactions with medications, so please check before adding anything. Also, please, please, please avoid mega-dosing of supplements. I've seen people on other forums reccommend some very dangerous dosing. Scary!

Once you've cleared that hurdle, a lot of times your doctor can actually recommend a supplement type for you. There may even be a prescription strength that will work better than the OTC version that can be prescribed. He or she may also want to draw labs to see if there are any deficiencies that should be corrected through either diet or supplementation.