Vixotrigine is a sodium channel blocker (Nav1.7-voltage-gated-sodium-channel-inhibitors)
that is under development by Biogen/ GlaxoSmithKline
It was scheduled to begin phase 2 trials in March 2018 for EM/ neuropathic pain

Alternative Names: 1014802; BIIB 074; CNV 1014802; CNV 1014802 A; GSK 1014802 A; GSK1014802; Raxatrigine

I don’t have any further updates at this stage, but will be very interested.
Does anyone have any further details?

Biogen already completed their Phase II clinical trial for candidate compound BIIB074 in participants with Primary Inherited Erythromelalgia (EM). The study started September 9, 2016 and completed January 5, 2017. NIH’s does not currently have any further trials listed for BIIB074 (Raxatrigine, Vixotrigine) for the treatment of erythromelalgia. The results of the 2016 trial do not appear to have been made public.

There was an article about the compound in the Journal of Medicine and Therapeutics last year (linked below). A lot of the time such candidate compounds can languish in the clinical trial phase for years. This specific compound was first patented in 2006 by GlaxoSmithKline. It has changed hands multiple times and is currently owned by Biogen. Biogen’s website has it listed in their research pipeline for Trialgeminal neuralgia. It appears a compound in search of a therapeutic benefit at this point. has it being tested for a multitude of conditions.

I currently take a sodium channel blocker which is very effective for me (mexiletine).

Thanks CarterDK.

Looks like Biogen are still working on BIIB074 so clearly they see merit in pursuing it.
That EM trial had a small number of participants, hopefully publication isn’t far away.

You may have noted the other non EM studies either in recruitment, active but not recruiting, or completed, looking at radicular neuropathic pain, pharmacokinetics, safety and coc interactions etc.

Glad you are getting relief from mex! … which isn’t available here.

Best wishes

My original post does contain a link to the myriad of other clinical trials for BIIB074 unrelated to EM. However, because of format issues the 2 links may appear as one.

Biogen is definitely still working on BIIB074, but final approval is years away, if ever. The company seems focused on BIIB074 for Trigeminal Neuralgia at this point. A phase 3 clinical trial for it is scheduled, but not yet recruiting, and isn’t estimated to be completed until May 2021 (Link below).

Investors are not bullish on the prospects for BIIB074. Leerink and Morgan Stanely both downgraded Biogen last year, with Leerink’s Geoffrey Porges writing:

“ We believe that Biogen’s neuropathic pain treatment candidate raxatrigine (BIIB074) faces long-odds due to the poor record of the class and troubling development history of this molecule; early signals are encouraging but at this stage we don’t see enough consistent evidence of benefit to add this to our model and value proposition for Biogen.”

Stan - is ranexa available where you are? I think this may help neuro pain by blocking Nav 1.7, 1.8. I don’t hear about it too much in regards to EM though (not sure why? is mexiletine a better blocker?)

btw I’ve used canadian pharmacy to get a drug that wasn’t yet available in the US (where I’m at). You’ve probably thought of that already Im sure, but it’s a shame if mex could help you and you don’t have access

best wishes

edit to add -

Hi standing_cat
The application for ranolazine listing was declined here and the request was for add on to existing angina treatment. I don’t know how it compares with mex.

Thanks for the heads up on that anyway.