Warning signs. What are yours?

Hi everyone.

First I hope you all have a pain free night.

I have been trying to notice the warning signs before the flare starts. For me it’s daily multiple times and night.

I’m my feet, sometimes I notice a heart beat feeling in the center of my heel. Shortly after the red is there.

I feel a slight sun burning sensation in my hands but haven’t noticed anything more to warn me.

I do now notice as soon as a limb is going to start to get warm. I am very sensitive to everything. So I feel the hot start in the ball of foot sometimes, sometimes heel, sometimes toe or toes. I notice if I can catch that sensation fast it won’t get as bad and spread.

Anyone gave warning signs to stop the flame from furthering?

I also get sweat sometimes I feel the foot get damp underneath and sometimes the hands. The signs are never every day. Feel if we can figure out the warning signs out body gives us then maybe we can tackle it before it gets worse.

Hi @rayofhope I get a sore dry throat a couple of days before a major flare. My hands and feet burn all the time, but sore throat lets Me know a doozy us on its way, along with sore small pustules rash.

I also feel tightness to my ability to get air when laying prone for sleep. I get woken up by a severe explosion of coughing. I need to get up and walk, have a drink etc…Just water😜

Now to make matters worse my TMJ (bone on bone left side) makes me think I have the symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Back to my GP tomorrow for a referral to ENT Specialist and, Orthodontist maybe Maxillofacial specialist.