Weight gain and sleep deprivation

Research has found an association between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Maybe Gabapentin, reduced activity etc..are not totally to blame for the bulging waistline ;). Many EM'ers have serious carbohydrate cravings and majority of us never get a good nights sleep.

Interested to hear your thoughts :-)

The Role of Sleep in the Control of Food Intake


Sleep deprivation test


Speaking of sleep. Has anyone tried sleeping during the day and staying up at night to combat the worsening pain in the evenings? I have considered this with hopes I would have better sleep during the day when flares are usually milder. I was worried after some time because of my sleep pattern my days might switch to being worse.

I have wondered about this Alina. My best time is from 3.30 am until midday and I am most likely to be having comfortable sleep when my alarm goes off in the morning. Trouble is I just can’t bring myself to mess still further with my life by turning off the phone and the doorbell for starters. I used to be such a morning person, rising before 6 to swim before I went to work whatever time I had gone to bed. And then the hospital appointments. We get little choice in the UK unless we can afford to go private and I have trouble enough getting appointments one and a half hours away in Central Loneon which don’t involve travelling in the rush hour, obviously a nightmare for us. A Spanish style siesta for a couple of hours early afternoon would be great but in my case I would need to medicate or I will jerk and sleep will be impossible.
As for carb cravings mads it is a constant battle with myself not to eat all day long. Only my determination not to grow out of my clothes and have to buy a new wardrobe enables me to win the battle. Whether the desire to eat has anything to do with being constantly sleepy/tired I have no idea but it wasn’t there before I developed EM.
Don’t you just hate those articles that warn of an early demise for people who don’t get enough sleep:(


Walking round the kitchen at night trying to freeze my feet and legs and eating icecream to aid the chilling - not a good idea (sigh)

Good site on insomnia in chronic pain sufferers


Sleep self - assessment test



I had pretty serious EM almost a year before starting Lyrcia and had no cravings or weight gain, Until I started Lyrica, I had been the same weight (give or take a couple of pounds) virtually all of my adult life. Within 6 weeks I gained 5 pounds. After a year I'm now up to 15 lbs. and have to work really hard to combat the carbs carving. I find that Lyrica makes me slightly edgy and that intensifies the carbs craving. It's a bit like having lo-grade PMS all the time (I am 68!). So, I wouldn't minimize the effects these very powerful drugs have. Having said that I wouldn't give up Lyrica for anything. It's the only thing that allows me to sleep 7+ hours 6 out of 7 nights which is a miracle. I remember what 0-2 hours/night was like before. I was like a waking zombie and when I wasn't nauseous, I craved carbs to keep going.



WOW, Sleep deprivation can lead to an early death - Bring IT ON !

This means less years of dealing and suffering with chronic bloody pain!



I have sleep apnea -- positional sleep apnea. I had the sleep lab test. I eventually bought a cpap machine not realizing that sleeping with it on would be pretty much impossible because of EM. I got so hot in it and the straps of the face mask and the plastic mask itself leaves painful deep pressure marks. The sleep specialist really pushed me to persist because untreated sleep apnea can shorten your life and cause weight gain and a number of other things. But eventually I stopped persisting in torturing myself. The best I can do is prop myself up on a mountain of pillows. In that position I feel like my sleep apnea is less of a problem. During my sleep study my sleep apnea levels were bad when I was lying almost flat on my back. Hence the 'positonal' part of my 'positional sleep apnea' diagnosis.

I'm one of the many people who try to use the mask and then 'fail.' I did feel like a 'failure' for a while. There is actually quite a bit of criticism of people who don't persist with their cpap machines. I felt it coming from the sleep specialist. It's like I am just wilfully not doing what I 'should.' That I'm being an 'intractable patient.' Then I realized that the mask and straps are hard for anyone to wear, let alone someone with EM. More like, at 1500 dollars for the cpap machine and mask, the treatment failed me. A costly treatment that failed me. NOT the other way around.