What alleviates EM itching?

The past few weeks I’ve had more and more itching. I assumed it was just dry skin, but then I remembered EM can cause itching too. If anyone is using something that alleviates EM itching, prescription or otherwise, I’d appreciate hearing from you.
Thanks, Beth

Hi Beth, I find Balneum Plus Cream is about the best thing I have ever tried. I've got psoriasis and various allergy/drug/sun reaction skin issues and its helpful for all of them ... doesn't get rid of the itch all together but gives me enough of a respite from the itch-scratch cyle that other treatments for the underlying issues have a chance to work. Jules

Thank you so much Jules for the suggestion! Today was awful. Raynauds diagnosed in my hands, my cheeks and feet on fire, and now this unbearable itching. I have eczema flareups at times, but nothing so bad as this. I’m about at my wit’s end.
Hope you are managing well yourself.
Warm regards, Beth

The only thing that has stopped my itching so far is gabapentin.

What a coincidence Jules you mentioning Balneum Plus Cream, as my district nurse has just prescribed some for me. I thought it had arrived on Tuesday, but our silly dispensary had sent the wrong thing they sent Balneum Cream not the Plus Cream. So until they send the correct one I am using that. As for gabapentin Natalia I can't take that as it interacts with one of the other drugs I am on.