Winter with EM

Hi everyone.
I find it interesting that so many people say that winter is much harder on them. I myself can’t wait for winter. It allows me to walk a few blocks outside! Even better get from my car into and out of the grocery store without having to go at 6 am before it warms up! Just for my better understanding what are some of the challenges some are having that is made worse by winter? Thanks.

I too find winter better on my feet as I can actually wear boots to and from the car. The problem I have is my ankles and legs ache so much from the cold so sometimes I wonder which is worse.

I think it’s to do with what your em is secondary to. I find winter much worse because I get severe nerve pain, numbness and icy feeling in the cold but then as soon as I go indoors or in my car and the temp changes my feet then go into full on EM flare. My feet are much better if in a constant temp which is easier to achieve in summer. Yes the heat does affect them but it doesn’t bounce from cold to hot pain constantly.

Yes. I get that. It is difficult to change the temp. It’s hard to dress in enough layers to accommodate the temp change. I have quite the neurovascular instability and suffer from significant Reynolds and pernio in my feet when it’s not that cold but my burning pain is worse ,way worse so I will take numb and prickly extremitys any day. It helps I am not working so I simply don’t go much of anywhere and when I do go to the store I limit it to 10 or so minutes immediately take off any layers. My big thing is I don’t have central air just the AC in my window so in the summer I can’t keep my house cool enough. I have to be up extremely early to do anything I need to do before 10-11 am when my little AC can’t keep up! I put blankets up in the doorways so the living room will stay cooler so I am pretty much a prisoner in my living room in the summer and the winter I get run of the house! I know something has to change in that regard but comming up with the money for real AC is a challenge when your not working.:frowning: if any one does have any tips for dealing with the temp change please let me know. I’ve got the bring little slip on slipper like shoes in my purse so I can take off boots but what do I do with my boots in the store?yes now that I am thinking about it I am beginning to see what you mean!