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Hi everyone. I’m so glad to have found this website. I felt I was alone. Reading some of your story’s is heartbreaking. Lots of prayers to you all. I found out I had chilblains may 2017. I went to many doctors and none could help me. Many said it was allerigies or it’s just from the cold winter months. Dry skin lotion will help. I finally went to see a dermatologist for this. My 1st visit I got lots of blood test done. They really didn’t have a answer at that time. Just asked what does dr. google have to say. My test results came back good. And was told just hold on. So I was told to come back in a month and to make a journal and take many pictures to bring back for next appointment. 2nd visit I was asked again what dr. google have to says… I was prescribed ointment for the dry scabbing that happened when they flare up and itch so bad in the winter months. If this continues come winter I was told by my doctor I will be put on blood pressure medications to help the cerculation. I’m not even sure if I have been diagnosed right. It’s all year round just don’t get as bad in summer time. Hot feet in summer. Very fusterating and I can’t move to a climate that is most tolerable to deal with. Thank you for making this site available to everyone. Hope to find some answers here.

Hi Pixie
I have diagnosed EM in my feet. I also get dreadful chilblains on my toes in the winter that are very painful and persistent. I don’t get them in the milder months. (I live in the UK where summer is not usually extremely hot although we just had a highly unusual heat wave in the 90’s!)
I had never had chilblains in life before 2016 after my EM became more severe. I was advised that chilblains are a common side effect of EM for many people. I was also advised to use a topical chilblain ointment - it’s not medicated and mostly eucalyptuse in the ingredients. It helps take a bit of the pain away.
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can take to prevent them or to speed up each chilblain life span. They do take a few weeks at least for each to go away.

I do find that as much as I can keep my feet in an even/unchanging temperature in the winter, I don’t get so many of them. It’s hard to control temperatures though! For instance, I don’t use very hot water in baths/showers and then go outside into the winter cold. I keep the water warm-hot but not very hot. Little things like this do seem to help.

I hope you get some relief this summer being steady mild weather.
Take care

Where in Wisconsin are you?